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Thief by Brittbrittbb
This is the first time I've ever painted a video game character! Love this game- used game art as reference.
Mordor by Brittbrittbb
I'm trying to improve my watercolor so I thought I'd share my sloppy depiction of mordor. The notes in the middle are what I'm thinking of doing next
It was like any other ordinary night at the De Lioncourt and Du Lac residence, when Louis awoke. Groggy and irritable, Louis slumped his way out of bed, and made it to the coffee maker. This was beginning to become a sort of nightly ritual for him, and the idea was rather foreign seeing as there wasn’t much Louis really did on a regular basis besides read. But he brushed off the on-coming swell of thoughts that plagued him in the early hours of the night, mainly because it annoyed lestat. He focused in on making his coffee taste just right.  He accomplished this with an array of different creamers and syrups of which he poured into his cup with the precision on a surgeon's hand, then found his way to the living room where he plopped onto the sofa, still only wearing spandex boxers. Lestat’s was laying on the loveseat directly across the room, and it only took him a secound to cast his glare up and down Louis.

This went on for several minutes before Lestat scoffed in defeat. Louis finally looked up from his coffee, and realized Lestat had been glaring at him the whole time. In response Louis mustered a sheepish smirk at lestat, then returned his attention to his coffee. At that Lestat burst out in protest “You’re not even going to ask me why I’m glaring at you?” Louis let out a small sigh “Why? there’s no pleasing you, and I don’t think your angst deems a response”.

“Angst?...” Lestat trailed off. Louis Looked back up. Lestat was sitting up now, his head  leaned against his hand casually, but the grin on his face suggested otherwise.  “We’re not in a rap battle. Jesus ‘stat, just say it already.” Lestat laughed. “fine. Now that you're interested in what I have to say for a change… You come out here not dressed, your hairs a mess, I don’t even get a ‘Good Evening’, and you have yet to present me with a birthday present.” Lestat  looked disappointed, but Louis could never tell if it was genuine, or if he was only mocking, trying to tease Louis. “I didn’t think you would ever be one to complain about my lack of clothing.”

“Well, unless a lack of your clothing is somehow part of my birthday present , you Louis, are a tease”.

“I have your birthday present, but now I don’t want to give it to you! It was supposed to be a surprise” Louis sulked.

“You could always give me one present now, and save the surprise for later” Lestat reassured Louis.

“But I don’t have a present for you now! I only got you one…” It was obvious now, that Louis was actually upset, which pleased Lestat. He liked to know Louis cared, even if the game he was playing was a little mean.
Lestat's Toy part 1
This is for me friend Ambelle1120. We had an interesting conversation and  She wanted me to write this, but I have over-complicated things as usual, and apparently its going to be pretty long now. But I didn't want to make her wait so I'm just posting it in parts, and this was what I got done tonight.

*also* this is most definitely vampire chronicles fan fic if you were wondering. If you don't like the Lestat Louis duo then that's unfortunate because that is all I will write about if I do VC fan fic. lol.

another thing. this one won't be slashy. (I can do hardcore slash) but this one is more less specifically for the entertainment of Ambelle1120 :)
  • Watching: the mummy
  • Eating: ramen
  • Drinking: Cranberry juice and sprite
So basically I haven't been on in like a year... I have over 10,307 messages to delete... I remember when I used to check this everyday and I was excited if I got 5 messages/alerts... So anyway tonight is the night that sparks off one of the four major lunar eclipses (blood red :) and this is like the first time its happened in like 300 plus years (or some random number like that). Anyway I'm hoping I will be staying up long enough to take pictures and hopefully post them on here. I'm fortunate enough to live on the west coast where we are supposedly supposed to have a great view of the eclipse. I also wanted to share (idk who I'm talking too... mainly just to remind myself) that I am thinking about doing my own tarot cards (skyrim themed) since I just love the lore/time period its in :) and as sort of a homage to my love of the game. to anyone who's familiar with tarot cards I'm hoping to make the gods/daedra as part of the major acara, and of course, cicero as the fool :) I'll have to figure it all out in time (I want to do a good job and if I have to get creative, draw and paint it may take years!) but who cares! this will be fun and I'm excited for it :)


Brittbrittbb's Profile Picture
Brittney B.
United States
I like reading, and drawing (though I'm not really good at it) I LOVE music! My hobbies are looking up at the stars, blasting my Ipod, and I love night life.

I hate talking to strangers to a fault and will go out of my way to seem unavailable if the situation arises in which I have to speak.

Ohhhh! And I love Orange juice!

I'm addicted to hummus and playing uncharted (we're talking buisness when you put the two together)

I love anne rice, epecailly her vampire chronicle books (my fav is louis +lestat) And Cassandra clare's mortal instruments has been my obession since 7th grade.

My best friends are Amber (which I am soon to start a devianart war with-if your reading this ha ha!!!) and Ashley, of whom I will say only that I love her immensely, but alas she is not tech savy.

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